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-dress code-
Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip-Hop/Clog/Acro/Acro Dance

Many new dance students do not realize just how important it is to wear the right clothes, but proper attire will be critical to your success in class and beyond.  Just like any other sport where the appropriate uniform and protective gear is necessary, dance requires certain clothing, shoes and accessory rules in order for your child to learn to their best capacity.  So we have created this page to help make that confusing process a bit easier!

One of the most important things to think about when signing your son or daughter up for dance classes is that all apparel should be age appropriate and tasteful. That means no bare midriffs, no bare legs and absolutely no bra tops. Dance class should be something special, and the clothes your young dancer chooses should reflect the seriousness of the training they are about to receive.

In addition, correct alignment is something every dancer is striving for and is the key to being able to progress and succeed in dance. This is not an easy task to complete and it takes time to determine where your sweet spot is so you can balance, turn, and use your full body with every movement. Dance teachers play a big part in helping their dancers figure this out. The proper dancewear makes it easy for teachers to see alignment that is off and then correct it. Baggy clothing just covers up the incorrect shifts in a dancer.  Not to mention, in classes like Acro and Acro Dance, baggy or inappropriate clothing can be downright dangerous!  If the instructor needs to spot a trick and improper clothing gets in the way it can have terrible consequences for both the instructor and the student!

So just what is appropriate for dance class, and which items of clothing should be on your pre-class shopping list? The easiest answer to that question is to simply purchase the attire from our online store where everything is laid out by class for you :)!   Beyond that though, we have included a breakdown by classes below to help out :)! 

Ballet/ Lyrical/ Pre-Pointe/ Jazz/ Aco/ Acro Dance - 
If you have a budding ballet dancer in the family, it is important for them to look the part.  For our Elementary & younger/Intensive and Competitive dancers, that means wearing a well-fitting pair of tights, a tasteful leotard and appropriate dance shoes.  For our Intermediate and up dancers in our Recreational Path, that means wearing modest workout attire that is form fitting for proper technique.  Hair is another important but often overlooked part of the ballet dancer image. Your tiny dancer should arrive at class with her hair in a tidy bun or neat ponytail – you don’t want a loose strand of hair to ruin a beautiful performance.

Tap/ Clogging - 
The percussive forms of dance are a popular way for kids and adults to express themselves, but they need to dress for the occasion. Tap and Clog dancers of all ages should wear modest workout, a leotard, top or t-shirt to class.  In addition, tap and clog dancers should also come to class with the appropriate shoes, and they should have their hair secured in a sturdy ponytail. 

Hip-Hop - 
Whether you are getting your child ready for hip-hop dance class or preparing yourself, you will want to wear appropriate black hip-hop shoes or sneakers with really good tread reserved specifically for dance class.  The list of appropriate hip-hop dance wear includes baggy sweat pants, T-shirts, leggings and flannels, etc.  Please just ensure that all attire is modest and appropriate in language and style.

When you dance, you want to feel like an expert performer, and the clothes you wear make a bigger difference than you might think. Even if you are new to the world of dance, you need to look the part, and that means wearing the proper dance attire to class. Knowing what to shop for and what to bring for your first dance class will make learning more fun and help you feel better about yourself and your performance.

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