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You guys...we, no I (Miss Marston) am SO excited about this camp!  As my own little campers turn into big campers you'll notice our offering of brain building teen focused camps has grown as well!  This one might be the pièce de résistance though because this curriculum was actually outlined by the Dean of Chemistry at Texas Christian University (TCU) Dr. Kayla Green.  We cheated of course as she's family, but your kiddos (and mine) are the ones who will reap the benefits!  This camp is the perfect summer intensive for homeschool kiddos, AND an incredible supplement for public school kiddos.  We'll do ALL the cool experiments in this camp under proper supervision and guidance and we can't wait.  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  Come one day or come every day this week!

Cue the...BEAKERS!


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