Dance Dreams Vocabulary List


     Below you will find a list of all the things that your little star will learn in our classes over the course of the dance year.  We work really hard to make sure that your little dancer is not only having a great time dancing around, but is also learning the art of dance itself, complete with the true names and complex steps required of any dancer.


Ballet Vocabulary

  • Bourrée turn

  • Tendu [tahn-DEW]

  • Battement [bat-MAHN]

  • Posé [poh-ZAY]

  • Arabesque [ah na-ra-BESK]

  • Plié [plee-AY]

  • Jump out Jump in’s

  • Révérence / Curtsy [ray-vay-RAHNSS]

  • Relever [ruhl-VAY]

  • Balancé [ba-lahn-SAY]

  • Chassé [sha-SAY]

  • Turnout

  • First Position

  • Second Position

  • Third Position

  • Fourth Position

  • Fifth Position


Tap Vocabulary

  • Jump out Jump in’s

  • Knock on the Back Door

  • Heel Togethers

  • Boogie Woogies

  • Shuffle Step

  • Marches

  • Tap Together

  • Flash Trick Step


Stretching Vocabulary

  • Butterflies

  • Pointe and Flex

  • Stretch


Tumbling Vocabulary

  • Gallop

  • Walk like a Bear

  • Forward Roll

  • Hop like a Frog

  • Backflips

  • Cartwheels

  • Roll like a Log

  • Slide like a Snake

  • Crawl like a Baby

  • Walk like a Crab

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