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You know that feeling all parents have where your kiddos are SO excited that school is out, and you're thinking "yay...3 months of yall bouncing off the walls :("  Let us help :)!  This camp promises to be the perfect solution to get some of that energy out :)!  We'll do dance, we'll do acro, we'll do crafts, we'll do HIITS, we'll play games, we'll do Parkour, we'll have fun, and we'll wear your kiddo out :)!  Give yourself a nice few day of peace and quiet, and we'll take care of the rest!!!  We'll also provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week!

Cue the...QUIET (in your house...the studio will be LOUD :)!


$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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