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DDA & Co. has been empowering dancers' dreams for over 20 years.  With a strong focus on technique, AND a place for our students to call a second home - our dancers flourish.  We believe dance is for everyone, which is why we work nonstop to help our stars reach their dreams, and, importantly, make it affordable!

What does "All Inclusive Tuition" mean?  We're glad you asked!

All Inclusive Tuition showcases our goal to exceed expectations for a dancer's year, including the end of the year recital.  Our studio families are investing in dreams, and so we wanted to help simplify our pricing system by putting all dance expenses into one convenient, manageable monthly payment.

We really want to be sure to point out that we have NOT RAISED OUR BASE TUITION RATE OR OUR COSTUME RATES AT ALL THIS YEAR :)!  We know these economic times are trying...they are for us too!  We are adopting this new All Inclusive Tuition plan specifically for this reason!  We know that it can sometimes be hard to budget some of the extra expenses that come with recital performances, especially for our new families, and so we wanted to help!

That's exactly what makes this All Inclusive program so AWESOME for our parents.  With this system there are NO surprise recital expenses right before the holidays.  NO struggling to stay on top of costume payments.  No having to adjust your budget each month.  You will now know exactly how much dance is going to cost per month for the entire year from the moment you register...and that won't change!

Get ready to go ALL in with us :)!

So what does my All Inclusive Tuition cover?!
*Monthly Tuition (from September through May)
*Recital Costumes (for ALL applicable classes)
*Recital Venue Fees (Christmas and Spring)
*Recital Tights (one pair per season)
*Nude Recital Leotard to provide discrete costume changing for our dancers (one per season)

*Recital Programs
*Recital Photographs (Spring only)
*Recital Shirts (one per dancer)

All this new billing format does is to combine your tuition rate for September-May, with the total for the Recital items listed above (based on however many performance based classes you register for) and then divides that number by 9 (or less if you enroll mid-year :).  That way you will pay the same exact amount every month and don't have to worry about anything's just that simple :)!!!

*It's still here!  Again, our focus has always been, and continues to be, to make dance AFFORDABLE for our families.  While are raising the add on rate $3/month (from $17 last year to $20 this year)...we are absolutely not getting rid of that awesome perk for our families.
*NOTE: As before, ONLY recreational dance classes qualify for the add on rate.
*1 Class...$55/Month
*2 Classes...$75/Month
*3 Classes...$95/Month
*4 Classes...$115/Month - and so on and so on :)

*10% off each sibling.
*15% off per month for 1st responders, active-duty military and educators for GISD.
*All ADULTS and BOYS only pay $20/month for tuition fees (not our base rate of $55/month.)

*A one-time registration fee of $75.00 is due at the time of registration for all students.  For our younger dancers this fee includes a dance bag, tutu, and progression poster.  For our older dancers, this fee includes a team water bottle and a team dance bag.
*Classes are not prorated or refunded for illness.
*For anyone enrolled in any Intensive/Performing Company Classes, the base price for those classes is $75/month.
*Students may makeup a missed class within 30 days of the missed class.  You are able to do this through our App with the Punch Pass option.  Please be sure to contact one of our admin if you have any questions about how exactly to do that.
*ALL tuition/fees/monies/registrations paid for any and all events/camps/classes/workshops/activities are non-refundable.
*As always, we will make-up any classes that have to be cancelled due to inclement weather, holidays or for any other reason.
*If you wish to drop a class, you must do so in writing by the 20th of the month to stop autopayment for the next full month.

*Do you or your child learn better independently, or have a specific goal to reach?  We provide private dance lessons for one-on-one tutoring with most of our amazing instructors.  Each dance lesson will be expertly customized for you or your child to help them reach their specific performance and competitive goals. The rate is $1/Minute.  Please contact our office to schedule any private lessons.

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