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JUNE 6 - JUNE 10 (5)
JUNE 6 - JUNE 10 (5)

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Camp Descriptions


Lolli pop - lolli pop - oh lolli lolli pop!  Join us for a fun Candyland inspired camp.  Romp around the sweet stories.  Twirl through the candy forest and magically leap through a full scale version of Candyland.  This sweet inspired day camp is sure to grab your child's interest.  We'll also provide snacks and drinks.

Cue the...CANDY

One Day - $50

Theatre Camp.png

This camp is for budding stars who love to sing, dance and, above all, perform!  The fun music, drama, choreography and props classes culminate in a performance for family and friends on Friday. In addition to building strong theatre skills with our professional instructors, students’ coordination, stage presence and rehearsal techniques will be enhanced as well.  Even the shyest performers can really bloom in this environment!  We'll also provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week!

Cue the...DRAMA

3 Days - $110      5-Days $150

apprentice (2).png

Inspiring the next generation of Thinkers and Makers!  This class is S.T.E.A.M. based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) with the Dance Dreams flair you know and love!  This camp will help build your child's curiosity, creative thinking and problem solving by working with Robotics, Engineering, Life, Physical and Earth Science and even Coding!​  This is an amazing supplement to regular boring science classes at school because here you will actually learn the application not just the theory!  We'll also provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week! 

Cue the...GRAY MATTER!

$110 or $150

Culinary camp is a great choice for kids who not only have a real love for food, but also for those who just want to learn more about cooking.  This camp will encourage your chef's creativity and expression through the use of new skills and tools that will eventually allow them to master great dishes.  Plus, wouldn't you LOVE for them to make a mess in our Kitchen and not yours :)!!!  We'll provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week! 

Cue the...YUMMY FOOD!

3 Days - $110

Chef Hat cooking logo template (1).png

 Join us for a story, dancing, skits, and rhyme...every child gets to be part of the story in a Dance Dreams Storytime!  During this camp, we will use the stories of several different princess (fake and real) to show your little princess that she can always be the hero in her fairy tale!!!  We'll use storytelling, acting, arts & crafts, games, songs and SO MUCH MORE!  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  All you'll need to bring is a Princess ready to take on the world!  Come one day or come every day this week!

Cue the...POWER!

3 Days - $110

Carousel of Colors.png

As the song goes, "The world is a Carousel of Colors," and we're going all out in celebration!  Think tie-dye crafts, rainbow activities, prisms, splatter paint, and even a water-color slip and slide you have to see to believe.  Come dressed to make a mess!  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  

Cue the... COLOR!

1 Day - $50

Copy of Copy of Copy of nutcracker camp.png

 This camp is perfect for your budding star!  Created especially for our youngest actors, we will explore popular children's stories through music, movement, activities, games and crafts.  This camp will build off of your little one's amazing imagination to help them create a world truly out of thin air!  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  Come one day or come every day this week!

Cue the...STARS!

3 Days - $110

water (1).png

We're having an H20 Party :)!!!  Of course we're going to do the classics... slip and slides, water balloons (with a musical twist), and even have some snow cones.  But we're also going way outside the box with this camp as well.  We'll be creating watercolor masterpieces, playing FREEZE tag, and we'll even have a sponge war.  Come dressed to get messy and wet!  

Cue the... WATER!

1 Day - $50

Purple and White Simple & Circular Yoga Event Logo.png

At The Zen Den - Yoga Camp, the kids will learn yoga poses, meditation, and mindfulness. We'll do yoga and breathing, but in a FUN way!  Think storytime, crafts, collaborative art, and even a bit of good old fashioned running around. The purpose of this camp is to introduce kids to the real meaning of yoga - to be thoughtful and kind, both to one another and to themselves.  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  Come one day or come every day this week!


1 Day - $50

Add a heading.png

Looking for a fun and creative outlet for your little artist?  Then the My Messy Masterpiece camps are exactly what you are looking for!  These camps offer a fun-filled party, atmosphere where your little artists can have a blast creating their own masterpieces.  From painting to crafting and everything in between, My Messy Masterpiece Camps foster a friendly and collaborative environment, providing everything your little artist will need to bring out their creative spirit.  We'll also provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week.

Cue the...ART!

3 Days - $110      5-Days $150

Wear My Kids Out (2).png

You know that feeling all parents have where your kiddos are SO excited that school is out, and you're thinking "yay...3 months of yall bouncing off the walls :("  Let us help :)!  This camp promises to be the perfect solution to get some of that energy out :)!  We'll do dance, we'll do acro, we'll do crafts, we'll do HIITS, we'll play games, we'll do Parkour, we'll have fun, and we'll wear your kiddo out :)!  Give yourself a nice few day of peace and quiet, and we'll take care of the rest!!!  We'll also provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week!

Cue the...QUIET (in your house...the studio will be LOUD :)!

3 Days - $110      5-Days $150

Movement Monoline Dance Studio Logo (2).png

This camp was created to develop your child's acrobatics skills, fitness, coordination, stability, strength and confidence.  Acro Camp was designed for ages 5 years and older of all levels of ability from beginner to advanced.  Your child will learn awesome skills and tricks including chin stands, elbow stands, backbends, walkovers, flips, contortion tricks, aerials and much more...all in a personalized and supportive environment.  We'll provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week! 

Cue the...TRICKS!

1 Day - $50    3 Days - $110    5-Days $150

Gradient music note logo.png

This camp is the perfect entry into gymnastics for our little ones.  During this camp, we will focus on foundational skills for basic tumbling using the beam, kip bar, mini tramp, and all kinds of other fun tools. We'll provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week! 

Cue the...PIKE!

3 Days - $110

stars & stripes (1).png

This patriotic 4th of July Camp is one big party for our great nation!  Participants will do 4th of July themed activities, make special red, white and blue goodies, have some snow cones, play games, and EVEN learn some really cool facts about the American Independence Day and how it came to be.  Your kiddos will be learning history and not even realize it because they'll be having so much fun in the process!  That's a win!  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  

Cue the... LIBERTY!

1 Day - $50

choose your own (1).png

In this camp, we will take the idea of Dungeons and Dragons and kick it up a notch!  Through the magic of storytelling, and some super fun props, your adventurer will be transported to a desert island, or MAYBE to the top of Mount Everest, or MAYBE even to a galaxy far, far, away!  Your camper and their teammates will have to think fast, work hard, and use some real life muscle to make their way through these adventures.  It's a new story every day and we can't wait to get started!  We'll provide snacks and drinks. 

Cue the... WHO KNOWS!

1 Day - $50

happy camper.png

Who's ready to party?!  This one-day camp is all about having fun!  We'll play games, do arts and crafts, dance, laugh, and have an all-around good old fashioned summer camp experience.  This is the kind of camp we all grew up with.  Just a chance for kids to be kids, make new friends, have some adventures, make friendship bracelets, make paving stones and just have FUN.  We'll provide snacks and drinks. 

Cue the... AMAZING DAY!

1 Day - $50

mess makers (1).png

This is tactile learning at it's best!  We're rollin up our sleeves and getting messy up to our shoulders :)!  Slime...yes please. got it.  Foam...why not!  You know all those things you want to do with your little ones because you know it's so important for brain development... BUT you never get around to actually doing it because don't want to clean up the mess afterwards :)?!  Well, we're taking care of it all :)! 

Cue the... MESS!

1 Day - $50


Learn the moves of a true ninja AND master Hip Hop, in this ultra-fun camp for boys and girls!  We’ll learn to tumble, dash, and catapult ourselves through ninja moves.  Then Parkour meets Pop-N-Lock.  We'll then apply all those super stealthy moves to our groove!  Engaging teachers will captivate your child’s imagination and inspire their love of dance.  This 3-day camp promises to fill quickly and space is limited.  We'll also provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week!  

Cue the...HOP

3 Days - $110

Enchanted Summer.png

Where Happily Ever After happens every day!  Journey with Princesses, Fairies and more, on a Dance Dreams Summer Dance Camp adventure full of imagination, education, and self-expression through song, dance, friendship and fun.  These camps will focus on a different character each day of the camp, complete with her own unique music, dances and props, and will be something your little ones will not want to miss!  We'll provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week! 

3 Days - $110      5-Days $150

Cue the...MAGIC!


This camp features an amazing three days focused on the presentation aspects of dance.  We will work on Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, dance movies, and even stage make-up lessons.  This is the perfect camp for any dancer wanting to move more from a recreational dance to a competitive dance environment.  We'll provide snacks and drinks. Come one day or every day this week!

Cue the...JAZZ HANDS!

3 Days - $110

White Simple Illustrated Farm Logo.png

Does your little Super Sleuth have what it takes to find their way out of Jumanji?  During this camp, we will test their skills with puzzles, escape room logic, games, science, math, reading and more.  Our campers will need to work together to observe the scene, look for clues, and solve the mysteries using their powers of deduction and reasoning.  This is NOT your average camp!  This is an amazing educational experience wrapped up in an even more amazing adventure!  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  Come one day or come every day this week!

Cue the...ADVENTURE!

5-Days $150

beach (1).png

"And we'll have fun, fun, fun till..." no wait...we'll just have non-stop fun!  During this amazing day camp, campers will make shell art, build a sand castle, make their own leis, play beach games and limbo.  We'll also take this time to learn a little bit about our amazing oceans, interact with some sea creatures, and learn about ocean conservation.  To finish, we'll splash off in the water and have popsicles to cool down.  We'll provide snacks and drinks.   

Cue the... SUN!

1 Day - $50

es td.png

Welcome back to the 1920's era.  Musical Theatre Camp is a throwback to the huge productions and amazing stars that ushered dance into the performance art it is today.   During this camp, we will learn to sing, to dance, and to act all... at once.  If your star wants to learn how to be a triple threat, this is the camp for you!  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  Come one day or come every day this week!

Cue the... 5, 6, 7, 8!

3 Days - $110

mission control.png

Calling all space enthusiasts!  Explore rockets, rovers, meteorites, and our amazing universe during our Mission Control Space Camp. Together we will build and launch rockets, build  rovers, learn about meteorites, create comets, and SO MUCH MORE.  This camp is the perfect place for every kid who loves Space and can't wait to learn even more.  Join us as we explore the stars, our sun, galaxies, and beyond while their imaginations flourish.  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  Come one day or come every day this week!

Cue the... WOW FACTOR!

3 Days - $110


In this camp we will use NATURE as our muse, and as even as our medium in some cases.  The possibilities are literally endless with all of the amazing things our beautiful world has to inspire us!  Just to start though, we will make a hanging plant holder as well as our own terrariums to put inside of it, we'll make flower pressings, pottery by hand, wind chimes, paving stones, and even create our own die using an actual indigo plant!  We'll provide snacks and drinks.  Come one day or come every day this week!

Cue the... BEAUTY!

1 Day - $50