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DDA & Co is so excited to launch our brand new SUMMER 2024!  And if you ask us, we've knocked this one out of the park! 


Whether you're looking for focused theme specific camps (think Camp Xplor) or a more traditional day camp option (think Camp Xtreme)...we've got the perfect setup for you!


Please see the breakdowns below for more information and to pick your PERFECT PATH.

We thought it would be fun for anyone who could to meet at 127 at 200 PM as a fun little o

CAMP XPLORE at DDA is one of the best parts of the year!  Each summer for the past 22 years we have expanded and perfected our Summer Camps to rave reviews!  Last summer alone, 100's of kiddos aged 2-18 took at least one of our themed camps...and many returned for several weeks!  Our themes are incredibly varied...we promise there is something for everyone!  But whether you're doing a Cooking Camp, a Science Camp, a Pottery Camp, or an Aerial Silks Camp...our goal is always to provide everyone with a safe, unique, and fun learning experience.  We welcome kiddos from the Granbury area and beyond to join us for camps and programs (current or previous enrollment in Dance Dreams weekly class is NOT REQUIRED)

We thought it would be fun for anyone who could to meet at 127 at 200 PM as a fun little o

New for Summer 2024, DDA & Co is SUPER excited to announce CAMP XTREME.  CAMP XTREME is the brand-new "day camp", we created specifically to meet the requests and needs of so many of our parents!  Camp Xtreme will run from 8-5 daily, with early drop-off and late pick-up options. In addition, registration will be on a weekly basis, by the half-day, to increase flexibility and affordability for our families!  Come join us as we play games, make crafts, burn off energy and make new friends.  While each week will have a theme running through the planned activities, there will also be plenty of free play time to encourage participants to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company.  Cue the fun, friendship, and good times!

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